Monday, March 24, 2014

Lillebaby Flash Sale--March Madness!

 If you love to babywear, you won't want to miss the lillebaby March Madness Flash Sale at Heavenly Hold. This sale runs only while supplies last or through March 26th!  Solid organic lillebaby Complete Organic Baby Carriers are up to 50% off.  

Why do I like the lillebaby?  I truly enjoy the comfort on this carrier.  Never have I experienced a carrier with lumbar that actually offers some extra support...and this one does!  I also love that it has the option of either a headrest or a sleeping hood.  Brilliant!  If does offer multiple wearing positions including (gasp!) front facing out.  The front facing out position is done quite a bit more ergonomically than most, though.  Baby is still allowing to be in a natural, seating position.  I still don't recommend facing out for an extended period of time for baby or the babywearer, but the lillebaby is a much more ergonomically correct option than (ahem) some other brands (cough--crotch danglers!).  

Make sure to check out the Flash Sale offerings here.  All the lillebaby carriers are shipping for free at Heavenly Hold!

Monday, March 3, 2014

Get Your Goat!!

Many of you know that Heavenly Hold supports a child in the Dominican Republic through Compassion International.  We also support their Rescue Babies program as well. 

But what you may not know about me, is that I have wanted a goat my ENTIRE life!  We had a mini farm in our backyard growing up (my small town allowed farm animals as long as your neighbors were amenable) and I longed to add a goat to our family.  I even found a woman in town that bred goats, had babies on the way, and I had enough money saved up to get one!  My dad said "Yes!" mom....(that party pooper) said "No."  No angst towards my mom at all now, 25 years later.

Compassion International has a program that allows sponsors to purchase livestock for families in need.  Families are able to use the animals provided to earn a living and provide nutrition for their families.

My idea is to raffle off a Tula Baby Carrier in hopes of making enough to purchase a goat for a family.  Maybe, we'll even be able to purchase other livestock as well, which would be amazing!

Here's how it will work:  Heavenly Hold will have a Tula Wrap Conversion Baby Carrier up on the website.  You will be able to purchase a ticket to enter the raffle at $5/ticket.  ALL proceeds from this raffle will go towards buying livestock for a family overseas in need through Compassion International.  Heavenly Hold will be donating the baby carrier which is a Half Standard Love Chain.  
Stay up to date on all new arrivals at Heavenly Hold by liking our Facebook page! 

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Natibaby Exclusive Love Series

 Heavenly Hold is pleased to announce the arrival of two exclusive Natibaby designs.  We have called this series the "Love Series."  These two woven wraps will only be carried at Heavenly Hold.  Wrap your baby in love with these two beauties!

Up first is Love Chain.  It's a platinum colored 70% cotton and 30% linen blend.  It's designed with interlinking circles. 
 The second design is also a 70% cotton and 30% linen blend.  Bee Loved is a turquoise color with varying shaped hexagons all over.  It's reminiscent of a beehive!  :) 

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Tula Sweet Hello

You *might* have noticed that the carrier in the above picture has PINK straps!  This is the first Tula Ergonomic Baby Carrier sporting the cotton candy colored straps and isn't it gorgeous?!??! 

The Tula "Sweet Hello" Baby Carrier is a fun addition to one of the favorite brands at Heavenly Hold.  It is Robert Kaufman fabric and is a patchwork design.  Each block is 3 inches by 3 inches.

I don't think this pattern will be around for too long, so you might want to check it out soon!  As always, enjoy free shipping on Tula Baby Carriers and Tula Toddler Carriers at Heavenly Hold. 

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Storchenwiege Wraps

Heavenly Hold is pleased to announce the addition (this is sounding like a birth announcement!) of Storchenwiege Woven Wraps.

German made Storchenwiege are woven wraps known to be super high in quality and very well made.  The manufacturers take pride in the flawlessness of their product and high customer satisfaction. 

Storchenwiege Wraps, also called "Storchs" are a very affordable wrap as they can be purchased for even as low as under $100 for a shorty and their soft feel. 

Storchs ship fast and free at Heavenly Hold and more often that not, all colors and sizes are usually available.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

BB Slings at Heavenly Hold

Turkisch Delight BB Sling

BB Slings by Babylonia have just been added to Heavenly Hold.  These ring slings are designed in Belgium and made in a Fair Trade project in India.  They are woven wraps and are nice and thin.  BB Slings are made to be super supportive and they come in some beautiful colorways.  I'm trying to pick a favorite right now!

Blue Curacao BB Sling
Not sure if I can choose just one, though!  My top two picks, would be these ones, though!  I love the bright teal of the Blue Curacao, but I've also always been fond of aqua, so Turkisch Delight might also be a winner!

At $89, these ring slings are very well priced and will last through 3-4 years of age.  Shipping is free for all orders over $50 from Heavenly Hold as well. 

Monday, August 12, 2013

Natibaby Shiny Sky and Kurpie Preorder

 Natibaby Kurpie
Natibaby Shiny Sky

Now through Tuesday, August 13, 2013, Heavenly Hold is hosting a preorder of these two new, Natibaby designs.  Both are 70% cotton 30% linen and are super soft! 

Kurpie is a traditional Polish design and Shiny Sky has been widely popular in other colorways before this release. 

To take part in the preorder, please visit Heavenly Hold's Natibaby page.  Half is due upon preorder and half is due when the wraps will be received in October.  As always, orders over $50 ship for free to the US from Heavenly Hold.